Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Is your site mobile friendly?

Would you like to check your domain name to see if it is mobile friendly? Check by clicking this link and entering your website URL. If your website is not mobile friendly. . . The answer could be simple, provided you have a WordPress site theme.
Here is what I found and my opinion is. (Just up date your WordPress theme.)
I've had a certain theme for a few years and it was considered Responsive. Then recently Google told me it was not mobile friendly. (Head Scratch-er). So after a lot of investigating Google says do this, do that, (running cold rabbit trails). Finally I simply went to my source that I bought the theme and updated the newest version of that theme. Now Mobile Friendly.
The latest themes are all, or should be, Mobile Friendly (Responsive)
In the market for a new WordPress theme?
I've sold these themes and used several of them myself with great satisfaction. If you buy through this link I will receive a small commission. With that said the price is not increased. That commission fee is what any company would pay for advertising fees.
Visit me again.Sincerely,JimSmith