Sunday, January 15, 2017

3 types of video for now.

I m going to talk about just 3 types of video for now and ad a shameless plug for my website ... There are many more so called types of video, I will just talk a little about these 3.

First one is talking head video which is this you can watch right here. From chest up with a talking head.

Another one is the Doodle White Board which is very popular and successful. Using a hand popping up to draw caricatures and writing words to describe the sales story. Sometimes I’ll mix this one with a talking head or any of the other types.
Third one to mention here is Recording the screen (screen capture) of what is on your monitor for teaching or training purposes. Eventually I’ll talk about my favorite editing program, for the moment is Camtasia Studio the better program for screen capture. Looking to change to Final Cut Pro for the MAC.

Another subject coming up is external storage, Because these video/audio files are huge and doing audio/video regular you will need external storage or it may over load your computer and may cause a problem.

Leave a comment below and then take a look at my YouTube Channel at "GoPappyGo Bite Size Tips"  for short instructional video visuals. Take a closer step to making your own professional looking videos.
JimSmith aka: GoPappyGo